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Hate infiltrators cause KKK meltdown 
Mass SPLC Infiltration Forces KKK Meltdown

White supremacist organisation the Klu Klux Klan has been officially forced to close down after it emerged that its entire dwindling 16,213 membership were, in fact, all infiltrators from either the SPLC (Southern Poverty Law Center), the CIA, the NSA, the ATF, the FBI, and a raft of other US federal law enforcement agencies hellbent on seeking out hatred. The meltdown occurred last week at the Klan's AGM when the secretive leader was addressing his brother Klansmen and a freak breeze blew off his pointy hat revealing him to be, in actuality, SPLC Director Morris Dees. The surprise defrocking caused a well-natured chain reaction in which the congregation steadily unmasked themselves as they realised what had happened amidst shouts of, 'OMG!' 'WTF!' and 'Would you believe it?'

Mr Dees has since commented on the revelations stating, 'That was an eye-opener for sure. Or in this case maybe a slit widener. As everyone knows, seeking out hatred and possessing the ability to see hatred everywhere, whether hatred exists or not, is the only necessary attribute for a modern social justice warrior seeking out hatred. Let's face it, the SPLC could not exist in what I call a hatred vacuum and our politicians and backers need a perceived functioning polarized dialectic to introduce new illogical legislation and further schism society. To put it bluntly, I wouldn't have a job chasing hatred unless I could prove that half the country was full of hatred which required my immediately identification and destruction. Unfortunately, on this occasion all the hatred we could see was ourselves pretending to hate ourselves; like a 'hate chamber.' - if you see what I mean? Still, it was nice to see old friends and colleagues who I haven't bumped into for ages. That's why we are planning to meet up again; same place, same time, next year. Hats off to the KKK for bringing us all together.'

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SPLC Selling Hate

The Southern Poverty Law Center scam.


KKK Series — FBI

“[W]e infiltrated the Klan in many ways. We had female informants. … And we had police officers that were informants for us.” “When you look back, the FBI can be proud that they stopped the violence [of the KKK]. We had the convictions. We did what we had to do from Selma, Alabama to Jackson, Mississippi to Atlanta, ...

Black cop infiltrates the KKK -
21 May 2014
Ron Stallworth, an African American police officer who infiltrated the Ku KluxKlan as a detective, joins Rev ..


Can Assange escape unlike Galileo who died under house arrest? 
Assange, Wikileaks, Galileo's Telescope And The New Irrational Religion

Galileo Galilee's heroic, but nevertheless, tragic battle against the church over his right to speak the truth, as observed through his telescope  [i.e. the heliocentric solar system], has been celebrated by generations of scientists, professors, teachers, philosophers, atheists, intellectuals, revolutionaries, visionaries, free-thinkers and proponents of established Western culture alike to promote the advantages of a modern rational society freed from the absurd religious dogma of a bygone age. However, recent events involving Julian Assange indicate that, with regard to heresy, little has changed in the civilised west in over 500 years and the current presiding despotic empire still persecutes non-believers with as much original savagery as its lunatic contemporaries could ever muster.

It is crucial that we see Julian Assange's incarceration inside London's Ecuadorian Embassy and the 17th century polymath's house arrest, from which he never escaped and died there at the age of 77, as not only analogous but exactly the same. Only historical and societal nuances differ. The charge of 'blasphemer' in the age of irrationalism was no different from that of 'conspiracy theorist' in this, the age of rationalism, wherein modern political 'thinking' is simply re-branded dogmatic religion and, as such, Mr Assange's imprisoners should be given no more credence than their backward medieval counterparts. Power structures have always struggled to keep their secrets secret as society's technology evolves and, in this way, Wikileaks is no different from Galileo's telescope; merely a mechanism for those whom allow themselves to seek the truth to do so and thus become heretics themselves.

The concept of a which hunt has never changed and will continue to persist as long as there are those who seek to demonize their opponents in order to remove them from problematic political discourse. Might maybe right but diplomacy, or nowadays public relations, ensures propaganda remains the weapon of choice within the postmodern political armoury. Although orders for detention and arrest now come by email instead of parchment, they still come from a cabal of primitive tribal elders and, though these individuals may no longer feel the need to wear ridiculous 3 ft high hats reminding everyone of their immutable 'Godlike' importance, they still attire themselves in whatever conspicuously tribal pomp is necessary to ingratiate themselves to fellow cultists. No doubt, as in Mr Assange's case, spurious rape allegations, or their historical equivalent, would have been trumped up against Mr Galilee had he not acquiesced to the demands of Pope Paul V. The US empire's perverted and far-reaching power is no different from that wielded by the Vatican 500 years ago and, importantly, its endless wars, rapacious desire for world power, sickening witch hunts and boundless hypocrisies, no less a threat to world civilization evolving along the lines of justice and rationality. One can only hope, that unlike Galileo, Mr Assange somehow escapes the clutches of this tyrannous empire, the same tyrannous empire that currently blights our own lives and the lives of millions of others who do not share its brutal beliefs. Then perhaps society will not repeat one of its most lamentable crimes and, in the process, commit us all back half a millennium to a dark world of irrationalism and enslavement to religiously-enforced political dogma.

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Galileo Galilei Biography - YouTube

24 May 2012 - Uploaded by CloudBiography
Galileo 1564 - 1642 Galileo was an Italian astronomer, mathematician and ...

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Trump and Morgan: Like a pair of stray dogs in the park
Trump And Morgan Get On Like Your House On Fire

The world's media held its breath last week as the two men on the planet with the least discernible intellect; Donald Trump and Piers Morgan, finally gravitated together like two stray dogs in the park to deliver the long-expected arse-sniffing session of the decade. Media pundits were not dissatisfied as the buttock-licking action was such that, after the interview, a cast for a bust of Piers Morgan was taken from the imprint he left in Trump's backside before the Leader of The Free World was rushed to hospital to have reconstructive surgery on his sphincter and to have splinters of Morgan's tongue removed from his colon.

Details of the interview itself are sketchy at best as the toe-curling embarrassment induced by the men was such that anyone witnessing more than a thirty second segment had a mental relapse before passing out and coming around non-the-wiser. Fortunately, a robot was used to interpret the dialogue and, sure enough; the 'Q&A' session between the international cock-wombles produced some of the worst fawning sycophancy yet to be witnessed by humanity.

Professor Robin Acies PhD, Head of Political Psychology at Brentwood College, gave us his insight, 'First, let me just say analysing the actual dialogue of this interview, in any rational scheme of perception, has all the use of dissecting a conversation between a pair of K-heads wrestling in the bin juice on the floor of a dirty squat party at 7am in the morning when the gabba's banging - so to speak. Even considering the people who actually run America would let this so-called businessman and reality TV star have anything to do with the real mechanics of the political apparatus in that country is like thinking Dirty Den was the King of London and if he could've just sorted out his relationship with the tempestuous Ange then perhaps the rubbish in Islington could have been collected more than once a week; it's absurd. As for Morgan, the man brings a new meaning to the word 'countryside', [sic. cunt-ry-cide] and his part in any meaningful expression or exchange of information in the telecommunication age, or any other age for that matter, is far, far, far less than nothing. Unfortunately, I believe the important factor here is that the interview happened at all and that, in itself, this proves, beyond any shadow of a doubt, that the established media, as an instrument to reveal any semblance of truth within the naturally occurring political dialogue between the state and the people, is, in fact, entirely and intentionally obsolete. Because neither man can simply not be what they appear; i.e. either, the world's premier journalist - securing the first interview with the world's premier politician - or the world's premier politician, then it would seem fairly safe to conclude that other forces and personages to those we are shown currently control the US, and therefore the West, and therefore the World. As this, in itself, is a subterfuge of the highest order then one would naturally assume those behind this charade wish to remain concealed for good reason and that this reason must be that they would be even more unpopular than the men we currently believe to be our leaders. At this point any sane person would surely be a little concerned at these rather alarming but, none the less, rational conclusions. Though these characters, and they are just that; characters - Trump and Morgan appear to get on like a house on fire, unfortunately, and perhaps for many people more than metaphorically, it will be your house on fire.'

Cassetteboy vs Piers Morgan vs Trump - YouTube
30 Jan 2018 - Uploaded by cassetteboy
Just when you thought Trump talking to Piers Morgan couldn't get any more stomach-churning. ... the ...


Rothschild's Scrooge; realistic portrayal 
Rothschild's Panto Scrooge Kills Tiny Tim

The world of UK Christmas panto was rocked this week by news that Jacob Rothschild, the world's richest man (estimated net worth £500 trillion) and also keen patron of the arts, is to play Scrooge at Bournemouth Pavilion Theater throughout the 2017 winter season. As a wizen old moneylender himself the casting had been widely considered insightful, also the trillionaire is rumored to have brought vital funding to the struggling production. However, co-stars Christopher Biggins, The Ghost of Christmas Past and Julian Clary, Bob Cratchit complained after Mr Rothschild demanded changes to the plot as part of his deal which the stars branded 'Not in the spirit of the original' including a new ending in which Scrooge callously ignores the warnings of the visiting ghosts causing the death of Tiny Tim on Christmas Day and a lifetimes indebted servitude for Bob Cratchit and his impoverished family.

The controversy came to a head last weekend when the Bournemouth local press were forced to deny allegations of bias towards Mr Rothschild after unanimously giving the panto's early showing five star ratings when crowds of agitated parents were seen leaving the theater at the end desperately trying to console their distraught children. Representatives of the Rothschild Group rejected claims they had the influence to control the 'boundless integrity' of the Bournemouth press as 'groundless conspiracy theories' but traumatised theatergoers, still capable of speaking after witnessing the show, claimed the new alternative final scene was 'horrific' and described Tiny Tim's coffin being wheeled out whilst Scrooge sings God Bless Ye Merry Gentlemen then tells Bob Cratchit that he must go back to work on Boxing Day because he can no longer rely upon Universal Credit payments as 'the worst moment of their Christmas lives'.

Mr Rothschild defended his changes back in his dressing room whilst enjoying a warm brandy and watching one of his flunkies flog a stagehand, 'Being a moneylender myself, I feel I have a deep empathy with the Scrooge character so, therefore, intuitively understand how he would react given this challenging financial environment. Also, and perhaps more importantly, I am now the main financial contributor to the show and if the director refuses I have him shot. Surely, it is irresponsible to give children unrealistic dreams especially at Christmas, and that is why wealthy philanthropists like myself fund the arts so that, in the end, culture only mirrors the aspirations of the few. For this reason we, by which, of course, I mean I, felt it important to imbue the show with the true spirit of the modern UK Christmas by portraying this classic Dickensian character as the mad man he would be today. After all, just imagine how mad I must be, knowing that every Christmas I could simply give away half of my fortune - (£250 trillion!) much, much more than I, or any other man, or government, or country, or hemisphere could ever spend in a lifetime- to the poor and needy of this world, fully alleviating their abject poverty in one fell swoop and saving most of humanity in the process- but I don't for one good reason. That's right, I'm absolutely fucking mad. Heh, heh. Anyway, where was I? Oh yes - Merry Christmas to you all. Now get out of my dressing room or I'll have you assassinated.' 

Julian Clary was typically candid about the fiasco unfolding at the Pavilion Theater and dryly commented, 'This is what happens when you let rich people fund the arts... Look - everything is fine really, pretty much till near the end when you get the feeling everything's not going well when Scrooge asks the boy in the street what day it is and, after telling him it's Christmas Day, he is arrested for disturbing the peace and given a ASBO. But when Tiny Tim's coffin is finally wheeled out and we all shout 'Behind you!' then Scrooge starts singing, the entire audience pull a face like they're shitting out a box of crackers, a slay full of presents and eight prancing reindeer all at once. Not very Christmassy at all really.'

Petition calls for reversal of Elisabeth Murdoch's ACE national council ...
52 mins ago - An open letter has questioned the appointment of Rupert Murdoch's daughter to ArtsCouncil England's governing body and called for the decision to be reversed, condemning the appointment as against the stated values of the arts funding body.

Montage of beautiful christmas pictures to the song 'god rest ye merry gentlemen sung by the choirs of Bath and Winchester

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Jerusalem: like stealing candy from a Palestinian baby
Bibi Commands World Accept Biblical Reality

This week a God-like Benjamin Netanyahu commanded the world accept, as reality, his latest decree to move Israel's capital from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. Speaking from on top a cloud floating somewhere over the Middle East the Israeli Prime minister who, back on Earth currently faces multiple corruption investigations and mass protests from thousands of disillusioned Israelis sick and tired of his, and his party [Likud]'s, perpetual controversies, cited the bible, his favourite book, as historical proof of the Holy City's ancient ownership.

After his statement a raft of fellow loonies sprang from the cracks in the proverbial Waling Wall all keen to exploit the growing international trend of discarding reality in favour of arse about tit legends and gobbledebollocks myths. First in the running, and announced a mere twenty minutes after the Israeli leader's statement, new plans for a museum in Jerusalem dedicated to Noah, also starring in the Bible, which will display actual parts of the Ark first used to save mankind from a similarly wrathful God. Arti-'facts' will include the ancient, but startlingly Black and Deckerish looking tools, used for the Ark's construction surprisingly unearthed in the cellar of a newsagents in Haifa. Also, astonishingly, the very canoe we are told Noah used to go to Australia, amongst several 'other' far-flung places, with his sons to collect two baboons, two kangaroos and two Koala bears and bring them back to safety. Apparently.

Second in the running, but by no irrational means least, Israeli package holiday operators have announced new plans for a revolutionary 'drive-thru' tour of the Red Sea reenacting Moses' Biblical exodus from Egypt. Tour guides will be equipped with extra-powerful megaphones and demand the sea part, as in olden times, to let convoys of Transit vans through all packed to the brim with excited tourists and fellow religionists who can now enjoy a truly 'once in a life time', though not wholly dry, nevertheless 'Holy', experience.

Speaking amongst his fellow angels in an off guard moment Netanyahu proclaimed, under his breath and after furtively darting his beady eyes about, 'For a bunch of supposed atheists, the West's understanding of the 20th century is already polluted with more ludicrous myth and absurd legend than the Old Testament and the New Testament put together, so this should be as easy as stealing candy from a Palestinian baby. Let's face it, if they are prepared to believe that the God we invented ourselves just so happened to give us the land we have always coveted as our promised land from where we would rule unchallenged over the entire world, then they'll believe anything. Ha ha. Remember when we told them our high priests knocked over buildings using magic? Ha ha. That's right - of course I mean Jericho - of course, of course. of course. That time we told them it was trumpets. Ha ha. Trumpets! Some things never change and, luckily for us, one of those things is their credulous stupidity.'

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29 Oct 2017
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The Walls of Jericho - Moody Bible Story - YouTube

21 Apr 2010 - Uploaded by Moody Bible Stories
Another Moody Bible Institute Filmstrip from 1955. Joshua and the Israelites enter the Promised Land of Canaan ...

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Not artist's impression of Israel II 'The New Second Coming'
Trump Moves Israel To US

In an unprecedented move this week President Trump announced that Israel will be formally moved to the US. The news was unanimously welcomed by Arab leaders throughout the Middle East -along with a majority of world leaders- as it had been feared that Trump foolishly planned to move Israel's existing capital from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, a potentially disastrous step with grave ramifications for the Palestinian Israeli conflict almost certainly guaranteeing an escalation in hostilities, both across the entire region and into the global sphere by breaking the Holy City's 1948 UN-assigned neutral status originally established to minimize historical religious tensions. Islamic communities around the world, along with 98% of all Earth citizens, breathed a communal sigh of relief when White House officials announced a last-minute change in the presidents' plans and that the new occupied territories will be Trump's deserted Plaza in Atlantic City which will be renamed 'Israel II The New Second Coming' or 'The New Holy Land Atlantic City Heights Plaza Strip' for short and feature a two-thousand mile long 30 ft high 'Mexican-style' surrounding wall.

President Trump explained the thinking behind his plans in a Tweet made whilst eating a pizza on the toilet, 'This plan is a great plan. A plan which is truly great. Yes, truly, truly great. We first considered moving Israel's capital from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem but then, after I saw a great film last week called Cast A Giant Shadow where Kirk Douglas moves Israel from the Bible to Palestine, I thought if Kirk can move countries round like that why can't I? What a great movie. So, henceforthrighteously I have chosen to make the new Israel in Atlantic City and call it 'Israel II The New Second Coming' or 'The New Holy Land Atlantic City Heights Plaza Strip' for short, after some great advice from my truly great team of hand-picked advisers. Great advise and a great name. After all, America and Israel  already share many great policies like; great democracy, war, religion, secret nuclear weapons, normal nuclear weapons, lots of other weapons, new weapons, old weapons, conventional weapons, space weapons, chemical weapons, weapons in general, giving weapons to each other, especially us giving weapons to them, using weapons in wars, invasions, occupations, stealing countries, regime change, did I mention wars and weapons? Oh and money, Goldman Sachs and putting a huge 40 ft menorah in your front garden at Christmas. What great countries we both truly are. Happy Hanukkah to my best friend Benjamin Netanyahu. I love ya Bibi!'

This is not the first time Israel has been relocated as it was last moved from the minds of British politicians 100 years ago in 1917 onto a piece of paper called The Balfour Treaty which was then sent to Baron Lionel Walter Rothschild and drawn onto his extremely expensive map of the world. Speaking on the epochal events unfolding on the world scene, both now and over the past century, acclaimed peace activist and member of the recent Israeli and Palestinian Women's Peace March Professor Eirene Pax PhD, commented, 'Let's face it, the 100 years since it's [Israel's] last relocation have been a bit of a [coughs]... can I say headache? for everyone concerned, and unconcerned for that matter, so let's hope that Israel can finally get on with its new neighbours which, apparently, already outnumber existing Israelis in its present location.'

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President Donald Trump on Wednesday will recognize Jerusalem as Israel's capital and set in motion the ...

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The protest was delayed by almost an hour as pro-Israeli demonstrators attempted to block the streets.

Cast a Giant Shadow 1966 movie - YouTube

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